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A truly serious chocolate lover has described Steve Vella’s voice as being ‘like Dark Lindt’. It’s not bad short-hand - and if you want to imagine what his songs are like, add in an image of sitting on the verandah on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a bunch of friends, ‘shooting the breeze’. You’d probably need to add in a cold something - and it probably wouldn’t have a slice of lemon in the neck. Get the picture?

Steve is one of those characters who also always seems laid-back - and has the gift of relaxing those who come into his company. He seems truly comfortable in his own skin. His songs, guitar playing and singing have the same effect. It’s anything but hard work to listen to - even when his lyrics wend through some of the ‘pretty hard stuff life can throw at us’ (that’s his way of saying it).

You get the sense he only writes about what he knows - and then with an earthy honesty that doesn’t dramatise for the sake of it. You’ll find yourself feeling better about stuff you didn’t even know you were knotted up about. That’s the kinda guy he is.

See him live, and you get pretty much the same - a soulful, hypnotic, and somehow deeply hopeful communication that doesn’t even quite fit with the idea of ‘performance’. You get the feeling he’s just as warm and honest as if he was in his lounge room playing for friends.

Steve’s worked hard to become a fine guitarist - and it shows. He’s got a delicate, elegant touch that belies his contrasting, terracotta textured voice.

Lots of other folk with good taste have discovered that Steve is a pleasure to work and play with - including Sydney’s Jodi Martin and Jigzag. Steve was recently invited to perform one of his songs in a feature concert in Sydney on the theme of "Love in the Lost and Found" - and his ‘Skimming Stones’ was lushly received by the capacity crowd. He also is a favourite at the Soak Bar in Fitzroy.

Friends and fans have been asking about a recording for some time. July 2005, and it’s finally cooked. With great sound engineering and a pinch of percussion from Mark Eden; some tasty vocals and electric bass from Janine Marshall (and a dash of keys); rock-solid and ever-funky drumming from Paul Boyle; and slinky double bass & some extra delish harmonies from Liz Frencham: it’s a treat for the ears. Dark Lindt indeed.

Maree Robertson tastymusicaustralia

gigs so far:

"LOVE IN THE LOST AND FOUND" theme concert with Jigzag, Tony Eardley, Maree Robertson, Margaret Walters & Pete Harding @ Cafechurch GLEBE Sydney September 2004

The Old Homestead @ CLIFTON HILL
Melbourne September 2004

The Cornish Arms @ BRUNSWICK
(supporting Jodi Martin)
Melbourne October 2004

The Sandringham Hotel @ NEWTOWN
with Liz Frencham (supporting Jodi Martin)
Sydney February 2005

The Side on Café @ ANNANDALE
with Liz Frencham
Sydney March 2005

Blue Mountains Folk Festival
with Tony Eardley & Maree Robertson
Katoomba March 2005

Melbourne March 2005, May 2005

Café Church @ GLEBE with Liz Frencham
Sydney May 2005


"The laid-back acoustic sounds of Steve Vella stay with you long after a performance or listening to a recording. This may be attributed to the lyrical depth of his songs. With a folk-like storytelling approach, Steve is always sincere and often manages to draw on something you can relate to. Steve delivers his words with a gentle and soothing vocal style. His delicate guitar playing is also a feature of his sound. Steve Vella is a smooth songsmith and will have you humming along to his tunes in no time."

Tim Downey, Singer-Songwriter

"The first thing I remember when I think about hearing Steve sing is the open, honest tone of his voice. It’s like a balm that warms the soul."

Caroline Trengove, Jigzag

"Steve Vella possesses a unique talent of songwriting that can win over an entire room of unsuspecting punters. Mixing his 'summer' sounding songs with anecdotes of peculiar origins, his live performances are always a highlight."

Joshua Crawford Soak, Bar COLLINGWOOD